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Dixie Belle Paint Glendale AZ
She’s Crafty is an Elite Retailer for Dixie Belle Paint Company. Shop the entire line of Dixie Belle products in our store or online and have the products drop shipped to your home. Purchases made online will be drop shipped from Dixie Belle and takes 2 weeks for arrival. While we transition to mobile, please text me if you need paint. 602.524.0854. Have questions? Don’t know where to start. We will take the time to walk you through step by step how to get started painting.

Dixie Belle Products


Chalk Mineral Paint

Dixie Belle Chalk Mineral Paint


Dixie Belle Chalk Mineral Paint is a water-based paint with adhesive qualities designed to eliminate the need to sand, prime, or prep for most up-cycling furniture and DIY pieces. We recommend you start every creation with a good cleaning of our product called White Lightning, to remove all dust, grime, and grease. Once you are ready just use one of our amazing brushes, with a bit of water. (Either dampen the brush, or use our mister bottle) Dixie Belle Chalk Mineral Paint adheres to wood, walls, glass, ceramics, metal, mirrors, plastic, fabric, concrete, leather, even Styrofoam or cardboard! You do not have to put a topcoat on it, but you can if you’re interested in creating a different look and feel on the finished piece. We have a variety of waxesglazes and clear coats that you can apply on top of the paint. Your masterpiece will dry quickly with a beautiful, flat finish.



Terra Clay Paint

Terra Clay Paint

Terra Clay Artisan Paint is the Ideal DIY paint for people that love thinking beyond their imagination. Directly from the earth, & heavily pigmented Terra Clay paint is your ideal option. Most colors are 1 coat coverage but do not stop there, the sky is the start with Terra Clay Artisan paint. Create for days, and after you’ve finished your masterpiece, seal with Terra Seal or Terra Tuff.

Use Terra Clay paint on walls, floors, fabric, tile, canvas, wood, and whatever your imagination can think of.  Just remember, have fun, that’s why Dixie Belle came up with this amazing paint line.


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