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Welcome to She's Crafty!

Come on in to She’s Crafty and choose your craft from our expansive selection of Pinterest-inspired projects. Our open studio in Glendale, AZ, welcomes you and your friends to pick any DIY craft you’d like to try your hand at. Have different interests? No problem! Each person in your group can choose their own project. Nervous about not being up to par with Picasso? No worries! Our DIY crafts are perfect for every skill level, including our children crafts. We have all the tools and supplies you’ll need to make your favorite pins. From much deserved you-time to kids’ birthday parties, bridal showers, and team building events. She’s Crafty is a great place to connect, have fun, and create a project you’ll adore.

How Does It Work?

Come in during our open studio hours to craft. Reservations are required for parties of 6 or more. Adult crafts typically take 2.5 hours to finish.
Choose your craft from our large collection of samples, We're always changing and adding to our collection, so you'll never get bored.
Create your masterpiece! Because we're there to help at all times, there's no need to sign up for a workshop or a class. We'll help you as little or as much as you need.
Craft projects rotate on a regular basis, so be sure to call ahead to check the availability of your desired project. Custom orders are available with 7 days notice. Email us your ideas- our in-house graphic designer can create almost anything! For more information on custom orders, click here.
  • Pay only for the crafts you select
  • BYOB for adult-only parties
  • If you would like to bring in food, please see our Party Packages page
  • After-hours reservations are available for parties of 6+


Pre-Order Your Limited Quantity Projects Here

The products in this section MUST be ordered at least 48 hours before arriving at our studio. Please leave us a note at checkout with the date that you plan to come in to finish your project. These items are available as DIY projects or you can choose to have us finish them for you for an additional fee.

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Get Into Crafting in Glendale, AZ

Doing crafts is a fun activity that can be done with your friends and family! However, it can be complicated to organize and get all the components together. If you are searching for “crafting places near me" in Glendale, AZ, then you are in luck. Arts and craft classes near me in Glendale, AZ, are the ideal place to go, either alone or with the people you care about and enjoy indulging in this fun hobby.

DIY Craft Studio is Ready for Any Occasion

Are you interested in getting some people together to do a special craft for a birthday party, baby shower, or family activity? Come on into the studio, and be sure to make a reservation if need be. If you want to host a party, there are several different party packages you can choose from. Be sure to check out which one would work best for you, especially if you are planning on serving food or alcoholic beverages.

Pick from a Variety of Crafts

There will be so many different crafts you can choose from, including special seasonal crafts for a variety of holidays. You and the other members of your group will have the freedom to choose which ones you want to do. During the crafting session, the staff will be on hand to guide you as much or little as needed. Everyone can show off their skills and go home with a beautiful craft they are proud of! Go to to book a session today.